Snug as a Bug...In a RUG ??

Friday, June 14, 2013

Area rugs have long accented rooms with hardwood floors. Some are hand-made, some are heirloom quality.

Whole rooms have been designed around a rug!

I like the look, feel and texture a rug can add ~ like this abstract one in my living room.

Some designers prefer the look of LAYERED rugs in a room to add texture to the space.

Certainly, they add a warm feel. Families with small children would prefer the comfort of a rug for their little ones to lounge on.

BUT...if you are lucky enough to have hardwood floors in your space AND you're thinking of selling your home...then Let's roll...

ROLL UP those rugs and show off your stuff!!

Although area rugs may be fine for daily living, I believe they need to be packed up before the house goes on the market.

Area rugs can make a space seem visually since it's square footage you're selling ~ roll 'em up.

Buyers LUV hardwood. So, if you got it, flaunt it!

Buyers and yes, home inspectors, want to also know that floors are in good condition. So don't cover up your treasure.

What's your opinion the great area rug debate??

Need help pulling your look together? Thinking about selling your home?? Let's chat about it.


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