Hello Gorgeous!

Friday, June 28, 2013

What WAS that ONE thing?

...that certain something that called your name, that spoke to you.

What made you choose your current home?

Were you WOW'd by the view, the master bedroom?

Was it the chef's kitchen?

When I walked into THIS, I knew it was THE ONE!

I just had to pet that beautiful wood. I could hear the chatter and laughter at our house warming party. Yes, indeed, I was in LOVE.

...and, after 5 years, I am STILL in love with this kitchen. And yes, I still pet the wood!

Have a great weekend!

Let's Get This Party Started!

Monday, June 24, 2013

The 4th of July is a week and half away…

HOW did that happen. Are you ready? Made any plans yet?

This past weekend, some friends, with their little boys in tow, came by for a casual pre-4th dinner. It was a Chamber of Commerce perfect weather day, so I decided to take that party outside.

The table setting included star shaped wicker placemats purchased several years ago from Pottery Barn. They also work well for Memorial Day and both Christmas and New Years. The table cover is also from PB.

I set up a small table for the boys. Theirs included 2 vinyl placemats that I spray painted with chalk board paint. I thought this would keep them occupied for a least a few minutes. And, they took them home along with sticks of colored chalk.

Several of these tissue paper pom poms were placed around the deck.

Menu included Fresh Guacamole, Paula Deen’s Turkey Sliders, Tricia Yearwood’s Baked Bean Casserole, Pasta Salad, Fruit (I used a star shaped cookie cutter to cut the shapes of the watermelon), Star Shaped Rice Krispy treats (used the same cookie cutter here along with blue and red colored sugar), and KariAnne’s (from Thistlewood Farm) 4th of July dessert ~ (you've GOT to check out her blog!!).

I borrowed Thistlewood's gorgeous dessert photo here...my version was half gone before I could grab the camera!

What are YOUR plans for the upcoming Summer holiday?


Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I've GOT to know...

How do you REALLY feel

about animal prints?

Do you think they have staying power in home decor?

Gotta say I'm on board! Used in small doses they can add a young, fresh vibe.

I have used them in Staging projects where the buyer for the particular home would be between 28 and 38 years old.

Animal prints have gotten popular not only in decor, but in fashion, accessories, holiday decorations and MORE!

And...YES, even my purrrsonal assistant loves her some animal prints!

Need help pulling your look together? Thinking of selling? Let's chat about it!

Snug as a Bug...In a RUG ??

Friday, June 14, 2013

Area rugs have long accented rooms with hardwood floors. Some are hand-made, some are heirloom quality.

Whole rooms have been designed around a rug!

I like the look, feel and texture a rug can add ~ like this abstract one in my living room.

Some designers prefer the look of LAYERED rugs in a room to add texture to the space.

Certainly, they add a warm feel. Families with small children would prefer the comfort of a rug for their little ones to lounge on.

BUT...if you are lucky enough to have hardwood floors in your space AND you're thinking of selling your home...then Let's roll...

ROLL UP those rugs and show off your stuff!!

Although area rugs may be fine for daily living, I believe they need to be packed up before the house goes on the market.

Area rugs can make a space seem visually smaller...so since it's square footage you're selling ~ roll 'em up.

Buyers LUV hardwood. So, if you got it, flaunt it!

Buyers and yes, home inspectors, want to also know that floors are in good condition. So don't cover up your treasure.

What's your opinion the great area rug debate??

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DO YOU BELIEVE...In Love at 1st Sight?

Monday, June 3, 2013

Do you believe…in love at first sight?

It could be regarding a significant other OR buying a home!

When I first saw the wonderful man I married, my heart literally skipped a beat, I had to stop to catch my breath.

It was a feeling like no other. The twinkle in those blue eyes and that genuine smile – WOW! I hoped THAT would be the man I would marry someday!

Home buyers say they have THAT same kind of feeling when they walk into a home and know IT’S the ONE!

I experienced that twice, myself. After looking at many townhomes, many years ago, I toured one and told the agent I would need to come back with my husband. I told her this was the ONE! Sure enough, we lived there for 17 years!

Yes, we loved that little house and its wooded view.

While searching for our current home, I did much of the “pre-viewing”. I would bring my DH back to homes I thought would interest him as well.

When I walked into what is our current home, I had THAT feeling. I just knew it was the ONE. Every day, I feel lucky to live in this wonderful place with the love of my life.

Have you experienced that WOW factor? How did you choose your 1st home?

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