All About Autumn

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Suddenly, without a lot of warning, a whole new season is upon us here in NoVA!

It has replaced humid 90 degree days with crisp, cool mornings with no sign of any humidity.

The to-do list included: "Fall Decorating"!

Do you do seasonal decorating around your house? Maybe some pots of mums or some pumpkins? How about a vignette for the dining table?

I am still working on the inside Fall flair, and have barely begun on the outside!

I am in the midst of spray painting some old foam pumpkins from Michael's that were purchased years ago. The "new" black, cream and silver colors go much better with the porch decor.

Some bloggers are inviting us on their Fall home tours. AND...some of those homes are amazing. How did they do it all. Nearly every room has a tasteful Fall touch!

Home sellers often ask me if it's "OK" to do any Fall decorating if they are putting their home on the market for sale.

Yes! I encourage them to add that pot of mums by the front door for curb appeal. Add mums and decorative cabbages to the landscape. A Fall arrangement for the dining area is very welcoming!

Help your buyer really "picture" living in the home.

AND...good luck with YOUR Fall decor!

Home / Work

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Today was the FIRST day of school in my area! So many cute photos of kids boarding buses with all their new backpacks and supplies!

In keeping with the theme of home work and such ~ we're exploring home offices today.

Do you have a dedicated home office?

...or have you carved out a niche in a bedroom or maybe converted a closet to pay bills, catch up on emails, etc.

Do you like your supplies all neatly tucked away or do you like to be able to see all your wares. I am more of the tuck it away type!

The options for storage are amazing...and stylish, too!

Here's to productivity - no matter what space your use for YOUR home office.

(all images from BH&G)