Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hi There!!

Yes, it's been a LOOOONG time! We've taken some time away from the Blog to think about a slightly new direction for it.

It was created mainly as a venue for offering seller home sale tips and suggestions on preparing a home for sale and even some new decor trends.

We get lots of emails and questions about making it more decor focused. They come to us from readers who have purchased a new home and want ideas on using what they already have in new ways. They also come from sellers and from those like myself who just love all things HOME!

Soooo --- here's hoping you like the change!

With ALL that said...let's dedicate this 1st post to a bathroom renovation. This one is the "guest" bath in my home. This will be a BEFORE and DURING ~ since it's not done yet!

Here are a few BEFORES. The home was built in 1968 and much of this bath was original.

We lived with it for nearly 6 years. Finally, it was time for the pinkish wall tile to GO!! The cast iron tub has a non slip surface that refused to be cleaned.

We painted the vanity cabinet and medicine cabinet frame a chocolate brown. It was originally all oak.

This final BEFORE shot is the mosaic brown floor tile. My DH liked it as it reminded him of his grandma's house.

Ta-da - the NEW comfort height vanity with granite top and soft close drawers.

AND, the new flooring.

The new wall tile with built in niche.

We chose to put the new fixtures in the same place as the old ones. The depth of the vanity is less to give a bit more room. The elongated toilet is a modified one which allows for an extra 2 inches.

We will post the AFTER photos soon! Can't wait to add some decorative touches and make it ours.

THNX for reading!!