Picture This:

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Remember "Picture Day" at school? Wishing you hadn't lost your front tooth the day before? Hoping your hair looked JUST right?

Well...NO ONE bothered to do any primping of any kind for this house on its "Picture Day"!

I saw this home's listing on the MLS (Multi Listing Service)this AM. I am not picking on this home, which had a list price of OVER a million dollars, or the agent. It's just sad NO effort was made to make it presentable for its debut on the WWW.

Would YOU or any buyer want to walk through that door?

I can't emphasize enough to my sellers how important Staging is! Buyers begin their search on the internet. If they don't like what they see in the photos, they will not be walking through the door.

Staging does not mean needing the most expensive furnishings or museum-worthy artwork. It's about presenting the home in its BEST light ~ clutter free and CLEAN ~ we're talking Q-Tip clean. It's about decent lighting and furniture arrangement that allows for easy movement through the space.

The busy Spring market for home selling is fast approaching. That means sellers will have competition. They will never have that 2nd chance to make a good 1st impression!

Now that I have jumped off my Staging soap box...let's move onto some photos of homes that are bringing their A Game and are ready for buyers to come check them out!

Thinking of selling YOUR home! Let's chat about a Staging plan designed for YOU and a strategy to get your home not just listed, but SOLD!


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