Tips for "Stylish" Shelves

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Somewhere in your home, you probably have at least 1 bookcase. Perhaps it looks like one of the Restoration Hardware ones above or maybe it's a thrift store find or a relic from your old college days. No matter the shape, size, with glass fronts or without, there are simple ways to spruce up that space.

Let's start with a glass front cabinet. I tell all my staging, home sellers and decor clients that glass front cabinets are for DISPLAY, not storage. Choose pieces that are similar in color. Alternate the sizes of the pieces to look more interesting. Don't mix up several patterns or competing colors. We're not going for that Yard Sale look. Really, less is MORE in a glass front cabinet.

Here's an example of displaying a "collection" in a glass front cabinet.

Let's move on to bookshelves. Not just for books, oh no! Here's is your chance to lose that library look and mix your fave objects d' art amongst your beloved books. Combine a framed print, or an interesting vase on the shelf along with some books. Leave some open space on each shelf for a more organized, less cluttered look.

Does your home have a large built-in that's a bit overwhelming? Young House Love, a fave blog, added some great color to their back of their super large built-in's. Their collections in the same color family keep the space looking clean and attractive.

Hope you're inspired to do some stylin' at your place!

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