FREE Shopping Spree

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Feel like your living room needs a bit of a face-lift ~ but you don't have the time or budget for a total re-do? How about going on a FREE shopping spree. You can "shop" your own house. I do this with every staging and listing client. We tour the home and find accessories or even furniture pieces that could add just the right amount of freshness in a different room. Just swapping out the pillows, throw and lamps that are currently in your living room can give that space a new feel.

For an upcoming listing, we moved a shabby chic bench from the foyer to the mud room and moved the console table that was behind the couch to the foyer. A lamp from her guest room and an interesting basket topped the newly placed console table. This gave the entrance to her home a whole new look. It cost nothing and we got a bit of weight lifting in!

Give it a try this weekend! Go on a FREE shopping spree! Let me know what changes you made.

Photos courtesy of Southern Living Magazine.

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