Going GREEN!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

My area is bracing for yet ANOTHER Winter storm! It's a challenge to add a breath of Spring to your home when the weather outside says otherwise!

In the past couple of weeks, I have met with home sellers who are busily preparing their homes for sale ~ wondering how they can "Spring" things up a bit!

In my own living room, I have taken the log holder out of the fireplace and added candles. The pillow covers were replaced with lighter ones. This week, I will replace the faux sheepskin throws (much to my cat's dismay) with a cotton one. Those are just a couple of easy ways to lighten things up.

AND, since the outside temps do not permit any planting yet, it's great to add a bit of green on the inside.

I added some moss balls (from Michaels - using a 40% coupon) to a vignette. The greenery lends a hint of Spring and is cost effective.

A small nest under a cloche also lends a hint of Spring.

Home sellers appreciate some ideas that are easy and affordable to make their homes more appealing to buyers -- even during the Winter that won't end!

Planning on selling YOUR nest? OR, just need some help getting your space together? Lets' chat about it!


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