Tuesday, March 18, 2014

...No, we're not talking about those freebies posted on Craigs List today...we're talking about CURB APPEAL!

My Home Seller clients are busily preparing their homes for sale. AND since Spring has not officially sprung in my area yet (currently there's nearly a foot of snow on the ground), the last item on their "punch" list is their front entrance. Whether your entrance is a porch, stoop, or cozy doorway, it needs to say "Welcome! So happy to see you!!"

Your home’s first impressions begin even before the front door. Your home must have appeal from the street. If it doesn’t appear welcoming on the outside, buyers will either keep on driving or form negative opinions before they come in the front door.

It can be very difficult to look at your own house objectively and with fresh eyes. If this is the case, enlist the help of a very honest friend. I think we all know 1 brutally honest person!

Stand across the street, then look at the property from each corner – is the landscaping overgrown? “If you can’t see it, you can’t sell it!” Add color to beds and plants of varying heights, when the weather permits. Add fresh mulch or ground cover. Remove any dead plants and cut back all shrubs to window height. Clean all debris and moss from roofs and gutters.

Look at the condition of the lawn. Does the mailbox need replacing? What about the shutters and the window screens? And just how welcoming is your welcome mat? Does it say “Go Away” or “Attack Cat on Duty”? Then you might consider replacing that. When choosing a door mat – the wider the better. This gives the impression of a wider entry way.

Perhaps the front door could use a fresh coat of paint, how about the trim – remember to check with your HOA for approved colors. Repainting the doors and trim help to make the house look crisp and in good condition and it’s one of the least expensive things you can do to dress up a home.

Good luck putting a little SPRING in your home's step!

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