Have a Seat!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Do tell...

What's YOUR design dilemma?

Yes, I have assisted LOTS of folks with Home Staging plans and Design plans ~ BUT when it came to OUR living room. We were a bit stymied.

We moved to our current home from this Colonial townhome. It had a traditional floor plan and we had properly scaled furniture pieces to fit the space.

Every effort was made to use said furniture in the new place -- even though a few items looked like they belonged in Barbie's Dream House.

We lived with our little leather love seat in the large living room as long as we could. When friends came, it just seemed like there was no where to sit. So we embraced the challenge of seeking out the right piece.


There is a fireplace, sliding doors and a wooded view ~ none of which could be obstructed. AND, this room opens to the dining area ~ yet another consideration. What we needed in this case was an objective 3rd party. I enlisted the help of the in-home design service of my local Pottery Barn.

They asked the same thoughtful questions I ask my clients: How do you use the room, how many people do you need seating for, any children or pets, is your style more formal or more casual, etc...

SO...based on all considerations, this sectional is working out perfectly. It does NOT overwhelm the room or block the view or walkways or fireplace. Here's to Team Effort!! So, come on by and put your feet up ~ that's if a particular feline will share "her space".

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Inside Information!

Friday, May 24, 2013

If YOU are considering selling your home...

...then I have some news for you!

Those potential buyers (are you ready?) will be opening YOUR fridge, YOUR medicine cabinet, YOUR oven...and perhaps even YOUR dreaded junk drawer.

You have been warned that they will be all Seinfeld-esque AND check things out!

SO: strive for "Q-Tip Clean"! Organize those cabinets. Get rid of or donate what you won't need in your next home. You WILL be moving, so you can start the packing and decluttering -- NOW!!


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Kitchen Clutter = Chaos!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

One room that buyers want to see when they walk into a home is the KITCHEN -- even if they don't cook!! AND...it's a room that tends to have a LOT of clutter. Small appliances, phone charging stations, mail and newspapers tend to cover that precious counter space.

I use visuals like these photos to show how UNCLUTTERED a kitchen CAN look. My clients get to choose one small appliance to keep on the counter. Often, the coffeepot wins. Show off every inch of that counter. By storing items on top of fridge and cabinets, you are basically telling your buyer that you don't have enough storage. Set the scene and keep it clean. In "staging-speak", we say clutter = chaos.

Go for that Model-Home effect! Pare down any open shelving. Use glass front cabinets for display only - not for storage. That kitchen may just be the room that sells the house!

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My seller and staging clients quickly understand the meaning of "Tough Love"!

They come to understand that "the way you live in your home and the way your house is marketed and sold" are indeed TWO different things.

Part of my BOOT CAMP is to review a list with them that I call "Showtime". It's a daily reminder of how to keep the space Show Ready.

And...here is just part of that list:

• Open draperies / shades

• Kitchen counter free of all clutter (including small appliances)

• Kitchen sink shined, store dish soap or other detergents under sink

• Refrigerator doors free of any magnets, notes, etc

• Top of refrigerator free of all clutter, clean and organized inside (buyers will look)

• Newspapers, mail neatly stacked or put away

• Empty all waste baskets and place any kitchen trash in outside receptacle daily

• Take note not to prepare strong smelling foods prior to open houses

• Dining / kitchen table free of clutter - Top with 1 centerpiece or fruit bowl

• *Never leave account #’s, sensitive information, cash, jewelry or medications in plain view

• Store any religious / political articles and publications

• Pare down knick-knacks, display items, throw pillows (less really is more)

• Pack all collections (too distracting for buyers)

• Pare down personal photographs (buyers need to “picture” themselves in the home)

• Removing items from tops of tall hutches, cabinets will make ceilings appear higher

• Cleaning out closets makes them appear more spacious

• Bathroom sinks clean and counters free of clutter

• Showers / bathtubs clean (keep bath products to a minimum)

• Keep toilet lids closed

• Fresh towels displayed in every bathroom

• Beds made each day

• Dressers, nightstands free of clutter

• Home office space neat and organized

• Vacuum OFTEN

• Corral toys in attractive baskets – keep floor areas clean and clear for buyers to move around

Pictures are worth a thousand words as they are what the buyers see when beginning the home buying process...on the internet. If you can't get their attention there, you will NEVER get them through the front door. When clients SEE photos of staged properties - they GET IT!


These photos were taken by talented photographer, Glenda of Glenda Cherry Photography.

The NoVA area is in a sellers market these days. Those sellers that have prepared and staged their homes for sale are the ones reaping the benefits of this market. They are the ones getting the BEST price and even multiple offers in some cases!

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