5 Seconds...of Fame

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

If you didn't know that Pottery Barn had a Blog...

you do now!

Thank you for taking a moment to check out my featured post that ran last week on Inside & Out (PB's Blog).

I can almost hear the waves and feel an ocean breeze when I look at this vignette!

Here's hoping you'll be inspired to add a little coastal flair to your space.

Beyond the Garden Gate

Monday, April 22, 2013

This past weekend, my DH signed us up for a gardening class.

He’s very interested in native plants and is looking for ideas to improve our little landscape.

So…off we went early Saturday AM to a county park – one that I had never been to. A truly beautiful place with winding paths through colorful garden plots.

There were photographers and artists milling about. The class, with 15 eager attendees, began with multi-page handouts of plants with their Latin and common names, their peak bloom time, etc.

We were led through the garden paths by the horticulturist who went into great detail of the plantings. This was no Gardening 101. The attendees asked thoughtful questions. I refused to let my new friends know I am not “Smarter than a 5th grader” so I just followed along.

And to think…last week I was so proud of the greening of my deck with my exciting Boston Fern purchases (ON SALE) at Lowes.

Well, whatever type of gardening you enjoy…I wish you all a very HAPPY EARTH DAY!

Pillow Talk

Friday, April 19, 2013

Pssssst, I have to know...

Are you a PILLOW person?

Yes, I have a bit of a pillow problem. My DH fully understands the term "throw pillows" - as they are promptly thrown out of his way.

Pillows are a wonderful accessory. If you have neutral furniture, it's a great way (with out blowing your budget) to add some pop to a room. AND...Pillow Covers are ahhhhsome. You just change out the cover of your insert for instant decorating! They are the jewelry for your sectional ;-).

Pillows give a bit of incite to your personality. Do you insist they be monochromatic, do you like random shapes and colors? Do you have to do the "karate chop" in the center of the pillow when you walk through the room?


Yes, pillows, cheetah print, fuzzy, made from napkins or dish towels (yeah, I've done that) - are a welcome accessory in my house!

all pix courtesy of HGTV.com.

Have a great weekend.

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Pretty...in Pink

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I have never been a fan of PINK in decor or fashion; however, when Mother Nature dons a pink outfit, it's the hit of Fashion Week!

Yesterday, my DH and I headed to the District to see the Cherry Blossoms in peak bloom. To see the sunrise over the monuments and cotton candy-like trees truly is a site to behold. All that beauty is a reminder of how much I really love living here.

Our area has literally gone from parka to flip flop weather in a matter of days - very strange. This instant Summer has propelled everything into full bloom!

The Cherry Blossoms will be mounds of pink petals on the green grass as of this weekend.

Predicting peak bloom is an iffy process. If your schedule permits a trip to Washington DC next year to see the blossoms, I will see you there! :-)

Going Coastal

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Seems it's STILL a bit early to really work on Spring curb appeal outside. The overnight temps here in NoVA are much too cold for colorful, yet tender annuals! So...I'm concentrating on adding a relaxed Spring / Summer vibe on the inside!

Since it's time to get on that Spring cleaning anyway, why not switch things up a bit. Changing accessories can give a great, fresh look to a room. I LOVE coastal inspired vignettes. They can take you straight through Summer AND conjure of memories of ocean breezes, fruity cocktails and calming water views!

My 52" dough bowl from Pottery Barn works for EVERY season and can easily move from the foyer, to the buffet to the living room.

Even the breakfast table deserves a little bling now and then!

Maybe, just maybe, in a few weeks, Mother Nature will allow us to get some eye candy for the OUTSIDE!

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