Staging and Children's Rooms

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

In my Realtor / Stager world - one of the most asked questions I get is "how we will be staging my child's bedroom?". Parents worry about making any changes to the child's room may be too disruptive to their son or daughter and they strongly doubt that it will stay neat. They are sure it can NEVER look like the photo above.

During the initial home tour, the child's room can look like this!

A conversation with the homeowners includes a discussion about WHO their buyer might be. What is the age range? Are they likely to have small children, pets. This information all factors into the Staging Plan!

My advice to parents is start with de-cluttering. If you're moving, then you can start packing up books, toys, clothing items your child won't need in the next couple of months. Pack all personal photos. If the room has black out blinds or draperies - keep them open during the day to show off the room. AND, the bed needs to be made EVERY day! If the room is painted hot pink or bright purple - that needs to be toned down. If the buyer does not have children, they need to envision how they can use that room. Guest room, office? NO buyer wants to have to remove Disney decals or border from a wall and repaint.

This photos show great examples of how you can corral toys and books with baskets and cubbies. This makes it easier for your child to find and put away his things each day. Show that you DO have enough storage in your home!

Photos courtesy of Pottery Barn and Organized by Tina.

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