Monday, August 20, 2012

BASKET CASE! In an effort to organize my home office (clutter makes me nervous) - I found some great baskets for storage. The ones above from Pottery Barn are so versatile and attractive. Also liked these PB choices:
AND ~ Ballard Designs has a great selection:
I recently scored these vintage luggage look ones! Perfect for display and they hold all my art supplies! These are also contenders:
My office has open shelving so baskets are not only great for hiding the junk - they look really good and add great texture to the space! Are you organizing OR preparing your home for SALE? Maybe you just need help pulling a room together... Sharon Goetz Keller Williams, Realtor, Stager, Certified Interior Decorator


Clayton Steadham said...

Clutter makes me nervous too, Sharon! Those basket cases are neat! Not only do you get to declutter your space, but it’s like being in a tropical vacation while at your home-office. =) What do you think?

Clayton Steadham

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