Staging Tips: Part III

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The "Model Home Concept":

A shopper is more willing to buy a home that’s tastefully decorated, even if the buyer has no intention of furnishing it that way. That’s the Model-home concept.

Builders are the masters of this concept. They study their target audience to determine what type of décor to use. These days, the audience is very sophisticated and has high expectations. Builders use surveys and focus groups to create the profile for their potential buyers. The builders hand their research to designers who choose furnishings that will appeal to a type of buyer. The home has to be something the buyer will identify with. If you have very affluent interiors, you will most likely turn off a young first time buyer as they will feel it’s beyond their reach.

A contemporary style with a Crate & Barrel look would be more appealing to the first time buyer of a townhome.

Builders also go thru great lengths to provide a local feel. In Annapolis, Nautical art may be used in the home, in Leesburg, the home office may have an equestrian theme.

The WHOLE point is – be memorable (in a good way)! Keep in mind who your audience may be whether you’re selling a condo, townhome or estate home!
Visit area model homes – you’ll want to give potential buyers that same WOW factor.

Sharon Goetz
Realtor®, Accredited Staging Professional, Certified Interior Decorator
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