Staging Tips for Home Sellers

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The next couple of posts will be dedicated to Staging Tips!

I have gotten some calls from forward-thinking clients who are preparing to sell their homes this Fall. So, I am sharing some of the tips I have given to them.

Stand in the doorway in each room of your home and look through the eyes of a buyer. What do you really see - here it may help to take a photo so you can experience what the a potential buyer sees.

Pack everything you can live without while your home is on the market. This includes any family photos, collections of any kind, guns, swords, hunting trophies, all religious and political items. The buyer needs to “picture” himself living there, with his things.


Your closets and cupboards should be pared down to half of their current contents. I suggest that all the hangers in the closet be the same. This is your chance to return those horrid metal hangers to you dry cleaner!

Stay tuned for MORE Staging Tips and Tricks!

Have a great week.

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