Take a Stand (on night stands...that is)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Bed side table, night stand, bed side shelf ~ most of us have 1 version or another.

Whether yours are a matched set or completely different styles is of course, up to you.

What do you keep on that surface? I am a fan of uncluttered surfaces.

I previewed several homes listed for sale this week (well...several for the extremely low inventory in my area). I took special note to the state of those homeowners' night stands. In the majority of cases, There was a LOT of clutter!

Stacks of magazines, medications, pairs of glasses, drinking glasses, lotions,etc!

ALL of that stuff does not make for a masterful bedroom.

If you're planning on selling please note it's ALL in the details. Shoot for that model home look. No buyer wants to see all your personal stuff laid out there!

all images from House Beautiful

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