Kitchen Clutter = Chaos!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

One room that buyers want to see when they walk into a home is the KITCHEN -- even if they don't cook!!'s a room that tends to have a LOT of clutter. Small appliances, phone charging stations, mail and newspapers tend to cover that precious counter space.

I use visuals like these photos to show how UNCLUTTERED a kitchen CAN look. My clients get to choose one small appliance to keep on the counter. Often, the coffeepot wins. Show off every inch of that counter. By storing items on top of fridge and cabinets, you are basically telling your buyer that you don't have enough storage. Set the scene and keep it clean. In "staging-speak", we say clutter = chaos.

Go for that Model-Home effect! Pare down any open shelving. Use glass front cabinets for display only - not for storage. That kitchen may just be the room that sells the house!

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