"I'm In It" Books for Kids (Personalized E-Books for Kids!! - Very Cool!)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Last week, I met with a woman and her 2 wee ones to discuss the selling of her home.
Since we chatted on the phone earlier in the week, I knew she had a busy household!
I came to the meeting armed with a copy of the Berenstainbears book "Moving Day".
Worked like a charm to keep the little ones entertained and mom was happy, too!

A few days later - I hear about something really cool!! An e-book you can download to an iPhone or Nook or PC that features the child's name AND a picture!! How groovy is that! AND the 1st book in the series: Captain Boon and the Neptunians is just $4.99!! I mean WHAT gift can you buy for $4.99???
Check out the website I'm In It

I'm not getting any $$ for this little endorsement - just thought I would share this very cool new product!

Heard of any NEW products lately??

Sharon Goetz
Keller Williams Realty
Reston VA


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