Selling or Staying: Tips for Bathroom Make-overs!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The HGTV adage of "kitchens and baths" sell houses really IS true!
If you're planning a move sooner or later - it's time to re-evaluate your bathroom(s). Yours probably isn't quite as glamorous as the one above - however; a little sprucing up can go a long way!

Today's buyer is looking for a spa-like feel. Try taking a photo of your bathroom from the doorway - that's your prospective buyer's first impression.

Here are a couple of Staged baths courtesy of Staged and

Carefully evaluate the condition. Exhaust fan - is it dirty or dated? Does the grout in the tile floor need to be cleaned or repaired? Next take a hard look at the vanity - consider replacing it with a new one for an instant makeover. Is the sink chipped, are the faucet handles loose or dated? 70's faux marble counters need to go! They give the impression your home hasn't been maintained / cared for / updated. The big box home improvement stores provide lots of cost effective options and will prevent your buyer from subtracting serious $$ from his offer if he doesn't have to do these updates!

If your mirror is not framed - painted mitered molding strips add a finished touch. Replace those old hotel style light fixtures for an instant improvement. Clean, clean, clean - Barb Schwarz (founder of the Staging industry) says your home MUST BE "Q-Tip Clean" -- nothing less will do. Next hide the evidence...Put AWAY all personal care items like toothbrushes, hairdryers, get rid of messy bar soap. Keep bath / shower products to an absolute minimum. Buyers are NOT interested in your choice of health and beauty aids. Clean out your medicine cabinet and vanity - buyers DO look.

Get rid of anything fuzzy! No fuzzy toilet lid or tank covers! No little fuzzy rugs in front of the toilet!
Now comes the fun stuff. Invest in the most luxurious towels in a neutral color that you can afford. Neatly put them on towel bars, roll a few to place near the tub or shower. We're thinking spa-ahhh here.

If your shower or tub has a curtain - you can use a pre-made drapery panel for a real lux look. This has a much richer, custom appearance than the plastic shower curtain. Try Target or Pier 1. I used this chocolate drapery panel with suede-like trim. It has a great texture you wouldn't find in a typical shower curtain!
Just use a plastic or vinyl shower liner behind the drapery panel.

Have suggestions on giving a bathroom a makeover? Please share!!


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