The NEW Neutrals of Paint Colors

Friday, April 16, 2010

The New Neutrals of Paint Colors:

Paint is THE most cost-effective investment you can make! The new neutrals add warmth and definition to a space. It can define a focal point such as a fireplace or view.
It can make your home stand out from the rest in your neighborhood.
These new neutrals are derived from colors in nature – think sand, mushroom, wheat!
Tans, honeys, and sages sell!

Highlight any architectural details like crown molding or wood trim in a contrast color – like glossy white. It will really stand out.
For those who have ever been to a model home – you’ll note you’d be hard pressed to find white walls. White walls are cold and uninviting. Color affects our moods, our appetite, our working efficiency and our very health.
Paint can contribute to the high-end look today’s buyer prefers. First, begin by inspecting current conditions of the walls and trim and ceiling and fix anything that needs repairing before painting. Then get started!

Let’s talk about Wallpaper. Wallpaper is like a bathing suit – it rarely fits 2 people! Wallpaper is too personal and will not appeal to the taste of your buyer. Add value by removing that wall paper and painting! Buyers may be more willing to re-paint a room, but they do not want to have to remove your wallpaper.

So be a weekend warrior - grab your gear and start painting! No other home improvement project provides such instant results :-) !!

Share your favorite neutrals and where you've used them in your own home!!


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